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employee training
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Training policy

By constantly improving the knowledge and skills of employees, Youtell has created a team of employees that are compatible with the development of enterprises, built a study-type of enterprise and established a perfect staff training system. Training management adhere to the principle of "people-oriented, demand-oriented; Unified system and stratified implementation; Target management, process driven; resource sharing and internal oriented”. The training mode is combined with internal training and external training. According to the personnel quality and ability request, Youtell designed corresponding courses for staffs to cultivate talents conforming to development strategy according to the strategic needs of the knowledge and skills.

New employee training

For new employees, the group and each subsidiary to provide new staff induction training. For the group company, the training covers the company enterprise culture and development, enterprise management system, training, cultural and sports activities to help the new employee quickly integrate into enterprises; For the subsidiary corporation, the implementation of rich pre-job training can provide nutrients for the growth of new employees.

In-service staff training

The company dispatches relevant personnel to study and exchange technology at home and abroad; Cooperating with many well-known universities and research institutes in China to cultivate talents; inviting domestic and foreign experts to the company to hold various special lectures, carrying out internal training, and continuously provide employees with rich and varied training.

Training pictures
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