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CJ YOUTELL BIOTECH CO.,LTD. established a set of service system which is closest to the customers with the service concept of " actively working from the customer's point of view", providing after-sales service and technical support from the beginning of order to various analysis and application experiments, including pre-sales, in-sales, after-sales service and telephone service.
Technical service

CJ YOUTELL BIOTECH CO.,LTD. has set up a special research institute in North America. It has several research laboratories in the company headquarters, which can provide a variety of technical services. The corresponding standard experimental methods have been established, and samples data, experimental data, reports and other databases can be conveniently used for management and query. Our standardized laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and a total of 50 professionals engaging in laboratory work and technical support.

Determination of enzyme activity: the activity, thermal stability and shelf life stability of various enzyme products were determined by using the standard method of international method, Chinese industry standard and Youtell enterprise method.

Determination and optimization of enzyme formulas: The optimum ingredient and dosage of containing enzymes in the product formulas are determined through a variety of theory and experiment method under different conditions.

After-sales tracking service

After you purchase our products, our customer service representatives will track your usage and the products effect, carefully to provide the best formulation solutions and constantly strive to improve the quality of your products. If you need technical services, please contact us.

Customer complaint handling

If you have any dissatisfaction with our products in transportation, packaging and use, please contact our customer representative timely, or directly call the customer service hotline 86 (730)-8418638. If it is involved in the quality of the product, please help to provide the samples and keep the unused products. We will give you a satisfactory answer in the shortest time.

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