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Speech from Chairman
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Speech from Chairman

Modern biotechnology is rapidly changing our lives and the world. Youtell always insists on the concept of independent innovation, with advanced and rigorous product development planning and advanced research and development technology, Youtell has launched more stable and more cost-effective new products. By tracking and reserving the latest technology in the next 2-3 years, and made the technology continually blend into creativity and imagination of Youtell people. Youtell successfully provides customers with various solutions in each industry such as textile, feed, food, paper and pulp, and pharmaceuticals, etc.

While realizing the technology and products leadership, Youtell also has the innovation and the advanced idea in the aspect of market cultivation and promotion, enterprise culture output, resolutely undertake the pioneering work of Chinese bio-enzyme technology industry.

Development never ends! Our vision is to become the world's leading bio-enzyme technology company. With the aim of scientific and technological innovation, customer first, harmony and mutual benefit, Youtell have been striving hard and making progress on the road of biotechnology progress and sustainable development.

Thank you to everyone who cares about and supports Youtell! Thanks to the hard work of all the Youtell staff! Youtell people will not forget the beginner's mind, keep innovating, and strive hard. At a higher vision, Youtell seek a long-term development to create superior ecological environment for the majority of workers, to provide more quality products and services to the customers, to contribute to the social and public welfare.

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