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Youtell Launches a New Type of Product--Thermostable Phytase

    Youtell Biochemical Co., Ltd. has fully completed the adjustment and expansion of products structure, starting from discovery, satisfaction and creation of market segments, successfully realize the change of product brand from "cellulase, hemicellulase experts" to "a full range of enzyme preparations expert". In the sale of Youtell enzyme products: Thermostable phytase, general phytase, glucose oxidase, lipase, acid protease, neutral protease, alkaline protease, α-galactosidase, β-mannanase, beta-glucanase, cellulase, amylase, pectinase, catalase. The substantial improvement, cohesion the historical background of Youtell R & D, inherited the pioneering advantages of Youtell enzyme products, and set up a new value model in the enzyme industry. 

    As a leader in the enzyme preparation industry, Youtell intends to comprehensively plan the production platform of enzyme products and layout of products variety. The strategic intent is obvious: the rapid structural transformation to the market segment, after completion the research of non-starch polysaccharide enzyme (NSP) products, Youtell will further improve the products category of endogenous digestive enzymes in feed industry, functional enzyme products and other sub-sectors. Meanwhile, Youtell will gradually realize revolutionary innovation in feed, food, medicine, textile, paper and other fields. Youtell will achieve the new goal of value growth on the occasion of economic development entering a new normal.

New Type of Thermostable Phytase

    Youtell research and development team in America and Shanghai constantly devote on phytase project. Through painstaking research on theoretical foundation and a large number of practical works, Youtell has achieved a series of world-leading innovative results with remarkable efficacy on products application and Youtell has made major breakthroughs on strain screening, improving thermostability during pelleting process and increasing degradation efficient of phytate phosphorus, etc.

    The project's research results have been mass production in Shandong plant in November 2017. Youtell announce that a new generation of thermostability phytase FE609DT appeared on the market, which will change the understanding of phytase enterprises in the feed industry and lead the whole industry into a more thermostable and more efficient phytase era.

Youtell ideas: Insist on independent intellectual property rights; advanced technology; improved evaluation system of phytic acid and flexible sales policy.

Youtell new generation of Thermostable Phytase FE609 DT

  • Features

    Excellent thermostability; More efficient in releasing phosphorus; More potential nutritional value; High purity, high activity; Suitable for feed processing of aquatic animal.

  • Functions

    Improve feed efficiency; improve the utilization of amino acids and mineral elements; improve protein digestibility; improve starch, fat and energy utilization; improve the intestinal pH and intestinal microflora quantity; synergy with other exogenous enzymes.

  • Dosage

    Based on 10,000 U/g thermostable phytase, 50-100g/T complete feed.

Effect of Youtell Phytase FE609DT on feed digestibility


     Youtell Biochemical Co., Ltd. has a perfect phytase evaluation system: enzyme definition, dosage form, enzymatic properties, pelleting stability, the amount of phytase added and the amount of replacement of calcium phosphate, available phosphorus evaluation system, quantitative evaluation on the effect of excess phytase supplementation.

    Precautions for precisely using phytase in the formulation: composition of raw materials in the recipe; variation in phosphorus concentration in the feedstock; phosphorus requirement after phytase supplementation.


    Phytase plays an important role in reducing the pollution of phosphorus in livestock and poultry excrement and in promoting the sustainable development of animal husbandry. Phytase predominates in the feed enzyme market of monogastric animal, with annual sales of more than 500 million U.S. dollars. The current high quality phytase is expected to double reduce the production costs by promoting the digestion and absorption of phosphorus and increasing the utilization of energy and amino acids.

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